Bonus Bowling Arcade Style Casino Game

Themed after the traditional bowling game, bonus bowling is certainly becoming more popular these days. Developed and powered by Playtech casino software, this game had come a long way in making one's gaming experience more thrilling. Some would say that it is different from any other games being played online. But it is among the simpler when it comes to effects and graphics. Also, this game does not require some advanced strategy. All you need to do is click a single button and you'll get entertained all along. It is indeed a perfect game to spend time with, while taking a chance to win real cash! Now that you know what game to play, it's time to decide where to risk your money. All online casinos reviewed for Canada can be found here, with bonus information.

Many bowling enthusiast don't have time to play the actual game. And as online games continue to arise, playing bonus bowling is indeed an excellent alternative. With so many online casino bonus promotions, sometimes players can get confused about which one to choose. The most trusted casinos are actually the ones that offer the safest bonus deals. If you want to learn everything about all different promotion types, have a look at and get the opportunity of winning some additional cash. Anyone can play the bonus bowling, both professionals and rookies. While there are some bowling games that require players to bowl the ball, this one is totally different. The players don't need to do actual bowling, but rather places wagers on the balls being bowled. The object of the game is to determine the number of pins being hit by the thrower. But just like in the actual game, it is also possible for the virtual bowler to throw a gutterball. So before you decide on the bet you are about to make, consider the following options:

0-3 Pins - you can win 2x your bet

4-6 Pins - you can win 3x your bet

7-9 Pins - you can win 5x your bet

Spare - hitting all pins with the second try - you can win 10x your bet

Strike - hitting all pins with the first shot - you can win 25x your bet.

No one can stop you from betting on all these options. The bets are limited to how much you can wager which ranges from $4 - $50. But the maximum amount you can bet is $109. Once you have placed a wager, you may begin to see how you go about in the bowling field. Just click the throw button and 2 throws will be made. Payouts will automatically credit into your account after the second throw, once you made the right guess. A pop-up window will automatically display the winnings.

Unlike any other arcade casino games, bonus bowling provides players greater chances of winning. They also have an option to adjust their bets by clicking the Clear bets and stop buttons.

Casino Lucky Hippo

Casino Lucky Hippo
$3000 Welcome Bonus up to 400%
  • Casino Name : Casino Lucky Hippo
  • Software : RealTime Gaming
  • Flash Play : YES
  • Live Dealer Games : NO