Mastering Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers is considered to be a game that is simple. But this is also quite a subtle play and it is not very easy to learn its advance features. Although the basic moves are running and jumping, we will also discuss here other advanced ones.

There are a couple of parts in the game where you can get a lot of combos. On the stairs, it is possible for it to get an infinite bounce on a Buzzy Bettle or a Koopa. This is when you land on the left side and jumping on a standing position which allows it to bounce on the wall and come back the same as when Mario bounce and land inside it's shell. This way, it makes it possible to get all the lives you need. This is one of the reasons why Super Mario Brothers is not a play for score comparison.

Combos are used for earning points as well as 1-ups. This is earned when you jump on a number of enemies and not hitting the ground. It can also be earned by hitting enemies using one koopa shell non-stop. All succeeding kills in combos are worth as high as 5000 points. At this point, any new hits will mean one new life.

Learning the secrets is also another way of mastering this game. There are some secrets that you can look for while running through levels. There are blocks that might seem ordinary but might have power-ups. You can also find extra lives in blocks that look like mushrooms but with green and orange color. A star can also be found. This gives the player invincibility and allow him to go through his enemies. There are also bricks that contain coins and a player can hit this repeatedly. These blocks will change into metal color when depleted.

You can also find invisible blocks which can sometimes be used to access areas that might not be accessible.

While running, a hold on the B button can make the player run faster. This also means higher jumps. For jumps, this can be shortened or extended depending on the height.

In summary, there are quite a number of maneuvers that a more skilled Super Mario Brothers player can do to make this basic game quite an interesting one with plenty of strategies to implement.

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