Only the best players can finish Contra with just 3 lives

A number of gamers wish for games that are more difficult than usual. This is totally understandable since a lot of the more common games these days do not even come close to being challenging. If they call Demon Souls an impossible game despite its slow sequence, then gaming has stirred from its path. During the heyday of NES, gamers anticipated a sensible level of difficulty. Back then, they were clearly aware of the distinction between games that were actually difficult and those that are just challenging because of faulty gameplay. At that time, Contra was tricky. Konami, the game's developer, provided a code that gave players 30 lives, indicating that they themselves knew how extremely hard the game is. Only the hardcore players passed the game with just three lives. Contra was brutally punishing, making victory much more meaningful. But is it really worth all the trouble to finish?

First and foremost, having the ability to shoot left, right, up, down and even diagonally, no matter how hard it is to do on the D-pad, is a major improvement compared to earlier shooters. It efficiently set the bar for which action titles in the future should reach. The unstopping action was also a first at NES during that time. Even though the first level, which was the Jungle, hinted at what players could expect, it was not enough to prepare them for the several death levels that followed. Base 2 Boss, with the level having the gamer experience being fired at from all directions, was truly unforgettable. Additionally, who could forget the smelly energy zone that had floors freaking out and guys with flamethrowers? This game gets people giddy just by thinking of it.

Contra was among the most memorable arcade port at the NES. Fast, challenging action installments, including Contra, were ideal because they generated higher revenues. Sadly, the level of difficulty of arcade games is lost when they are plugged on NES. But Contra is different. It was still as challenging and brutal like its arcade version. If players wanted to enjoy the game but are on a tight budget, they can utilize the Konami code. Another plus feature is Contra's simultaneous 2-player play.

With all things considered, Contra is really a good game. On being a simultaneous 2-player game, it is in the league of other noteworthy titles like Turtles II and Double Dragon II in terms of nonstop action. As a single-player game, it is understandable when a player gets hooked on the challenges on each level. Aside from that, Contra has a timeless audio-video features and a great gameplay, so forget the reviews and start playing.

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