Learn how to play Punch Out

A lot of the players get their introduction to the wonderful world of gaming through arcade games and when one discusses arcade games, one cannot help but mention a leading name in the field, Nintendo. It is responsible for some memorable arcade game experiences as it understands what the player looks for in his adventures, i.e. a compelling story line topped off with a sense of accomplishment. It again serves this proven formula with Punch Out, a boxing game that promises to thrill and fulfill.

The player comes in as Little Mac, an underdog who dreams big and aspires to one day survive Mike Tyson's punch out. He is aided in this quest by Doc Louis, a former heavyweight boxer who has faith in the protagonist, despite Little Mac's shortcomings in size and strength. He makes up for his physical deficiencies though with judicious use of both his mind and heart. The heart, with his undying resolve to be great one day, and the mind with his ability to recognize and take advantage of his opponents' weaknesses.

Constantly playing will give the player clues on how to propel Mac to his desired heights. A noteworthy clue that Piston Honda or any of his other opponents is ready to attack is a blink, which should then act as Mac's signal to evade the coming punch. Right after what could have been a knock out move is the best time for Mac to unleash one of his own. A stamina meter is available for both boxers and each hit depletes this a bit. Little Mac also has a heart meter that powers his uppercuts. Warning though, as using up all the hearts means he is no longer able to punch. Dodging a few attacks helps in filling up the meter again but Mac will still be weak at this point. If Mac is knocked down, repeatedly pressing the "A" button helps him get up, but this move is only available three times. After grueling 13 bouts, Mac is now ready to face Mike Tyson / Mr. Dream. It is then up to you to make sure Mac emerges victorious from Mike Tyson's punch out.

More than just memorizing the different moves, this game promises a rush from the achievement of a goal.

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